 To ensure better health through government Scheme like NRHM and adopt referral hospital, primary health centers. We will also train people for First Aid and assign registered medical practitioner to provide medicine in rural areas.
 The death rate is 7.9 per 1000 whereas the birth rate is 39.9 per 1000 as per Directorate of Economics & Statistics of respective State Governments (As on March 26, 2004).Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India has the three tiers health care services in the country to maintain equilibrium of health care. However the tertiary services are largely opted due to its efficiency and effectiveness of its services.
 The primary service providers PHC (Primary Health Care) in the rural setting is a failure to its services due to its improper functioning and maintenance, hence it deteriorate dependency and reliability on services.
 There is a need to strengthen and revitalized the primary health care centers in the rural areas in order to function and operate effectively to make contribution to the health sector where the community is vulnerable to diseases such as malaria, typhoid and other water borne diseases.
 These diseases can be effectively cured through primary health care centre. The project aims to reduce maternal mortality, child mortality and eliminate such diseases in project location, as indicated in MDG’S.